Sometimes you just need more.

Auditors are very familiar with conferences and professional organization. While those are great, sometimes you need more. That is why we made BFS learning – to serve as a resource for auditors to grow in their profession, make connections, and get a little more tailored help when needed.

BFS Learning is a community where we can learn from each other about current trends and develop best practices and solutions to issues unique to our profession. It’s a place to share and gain knowledge, get training, and keep up with evolving trends in our industry. 

Who is it for?

BFS Learning is an online community resources for Public Sector Auditors and Accountants. If you eat Uniform Guidance for Breakfast and have Work Programs for dinner, you can fill up on useful user generated content and resources here. Anyone can join (it’s free for now!), but we have our sights set on Public Sector Audit and Accounting professionals.

What does it offer?

At its heart, BFS Learning is a robust and easy to use User Forum. Ask questions, get answers, share ideas and white papers…pretty much like any other forum software or site on the market, except its all devoted to our work!

Conversations With is an in development series of Podcasts, virtual roundtables, and interviews that takes deep dives into heart of our profession and the people who live it. 

Keeping up with CPE and other training that goes into our work can be a headache. Our Events Calendar is open for any Public Sector Audit and Accounting training, seminar, event, or webinar that our community knows about or wants to promote.

BFS Learning contains a growing repository of resources for Audit and Accounting professionals.

In addition, we built the Care Corner as a place to blow off a little steam. Blogs, humor, book reviews, and articles to help Audit the Auditor into dealing with the stress that comes with the title.

Community Driven Content

BFS Learning is a community, and we encourage all users to contribute. White papers? Blogs? Interviews? Opinion pieces? If it has value to our professions, it has a place on BFS Learning.  

A Hub For Training

BFS has been providing training in the Grant and Audit spheres for a long time, and that heritage will continue with BFS Learning. We are on track to providing really affordable, CPE awarding training, and its going to be available here!

BFS Learning is a community, and we want you to be a voice in it. Have a blog post? White paper? Have some really cool discoveries? Found an amazing article or an absurd meme that only public sector nerds get? Want them to be featured? Shoot us a message!

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